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One Community Working Together

Outcome Measures

Each group or activity leader identifies particular indicators that fit within the above themes, and these are measured at the start and end of an intervention period in consultation with the service user(s), so that we can measure ‘distance travelled’ towards outcomes. E.g. the worker with a group for local teens may identify “being welcoming to newcomers” as their Inclusion indicator, assess how welcoming young people are being, then work with the group to develop their skills and knowledge so that they can be more welcoming in future. Hopefully a repeat assessment will reveal that everyone in the group has improved in this area to some degree and the amount of improvement can be quantified from the score sheets.



We are interested in people having a voice and being able to effect change within their family, a group or the community; here children set the ground rules for any activity at our centre.

We also help people engage with decision making in the Strategy, and contribute to local and citywide consultations.





We are interested in people’s receptiveness to learning as well as knowledge acquisition. Initially this could be indicated by increased confidence, new skills or improved self-awareness.

We frequently run skills development projects for young people, where they can sample trade skills in real situations before applying for apprenticeships.





People having creative ideas, being innovative, trying to make a change. This is not just about making money, but improving our environment and finding new ways of linking together.

Our graffiti artists worked with local designers to record the history of Scotswood in a large outdoor mural.



Developing community cohesion, defeating discrimination and bullying. For individuals, this could be reflected in improved listening skills and sociability, and welcoming new members into their group. We work with young people on respecting diversity, recognising difference, and offering a helping hand when needed.




We set targets for the frequency of physical activity, healthy diets, and development of Emotional Literacy or building social circles. For many people, lack of self-confidence can be a barrier that prevents participation and we devise group activities that encourage individuals to find their space.

Cooking is always a popular activity, and children take both samples and new skills into the home.



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Scotswood Area Streategy was founded in 1994 to support and reconnect the local community following the west end riots which destroyed property and trust. We have coordinated the spending of millions of pounds over 20 years and in 2015 are trading as the Scotswood Centre, with a mission to bring together all the new communities in the newly rebuilt Scotswood.

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