Time Banking
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Time Banking

What is TimeBanking all about?


Scotswood Centre is a Time Bank, which is a way for people to share their time and skills with other people in the community and be rewarded for it in TIME. For every hour you volunteer you can earn one time-credit.


What can members do with Time-Credits?


Members can spend Time Credits when they need help with a one off job or a service from somebody else.

What is Time Banking at the Scotswood Centre?


We host a number of activities on site and people can pay for these services in Time Credits rather than cash. We also generate opportunities from which members can earn Time Credits, perhaps for volunteer work at The Centre. We try to be creative in approaching our objective of increasing community interactions, and we use Time Credits as the currency that rewards people for their efforts.


Junior TimeBanker


" I received a certificate for being this months Top Junior Time Banker. I feel so happy."

I helped a lady by doing her shopping and I earned 1 Time Credit for it. I then spent my Time Credit getting my grass cut. Brilliant idea! "

I have met new friends and now I'm part of 2 groups working with men my own age after joining Scotswood's Time Bank. Best thing I have ever done!"

" I became a member of Time Banking even though I thought I had NO skills to offer, yet I realised there was always someway of helping someone so I DID have skills I could offer."

"I think the Time Bank is a great idea. The kids are loving the idea of getting responsibilities and being giving jobs to do even if it is as simple as picking rubbish up."


Hayley Burrows

Junior Time Bankers

I have earned lots of credits for helping others out.


Ella, age 10.

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