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One Community Working Together

Being People Centred

Empowering; Including; Respecting.


People are at the heart of everything that happens at the Strategy. We have reps on our board who are responsible for listening to the community, and the ideas they gather are discussed by the trustees at monthly meetings. We always try to respect people for who they are and what they know, and learn from everyone rather than dictate a course of action to them. When people need a helping hand we try to be understanding and give them the support they need so they can take control of their situation again.


Being Change Makers

Transforming Lives; Changing Opinions; Informing Policy.


Everything we do is about making a difference. We help people to make the right choices for them and their families, and hopefully we can bring new ideas and new experiences to the table, to change opinions of the outside world; we also want to change any negative perceptions of Scotswood and it's residents that may still exist. We will also maintain communication routes to policy makers so that the interests of local residents are protected.


Being Accountable

To our Communities;To our Donors.


The Strategy is nothing without it's community; it should never be in a position where it works alone. We will always be open and transparent with the membership. We welcome new members and report formally to them at the AGM. But our does are always open and we will make time to listen and to respond appropriately to any requests. We try to achieve best value for our funders, and actively measure progress made by our participants in terms of 5 core skills as well as gathering other data that funders require.


Being Brave and Challenging

Creative and Innovative; Taking a Chance; Questioning the Established View.


We don't take anything for granted at the Strategy; the world is changing around us, with government austerity measures making life harder for individuals and causing many charities to close. We have a very experienced and creative team who can find innovative solutions to help our members. At the Strategy we don't just follow the herd, but are willing to take a chance and find a better way. We remain independent of statutory services so that we can ask questions about the service provided for Scotswood.


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Scotswood Area Streategy was founded in 1994 to support and reconnect the local community following the west end riots which destroyed property and trust. We have coordinated the spending of millions of pounds over 20 years and in 2015 are trading as the Scotswood Centre, with a mission to bring together all the new communities in the newly rebuilt Scotswood.

Scotswood Area Strategy;

[trading as Scotswood Centre]


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